I was born and raised in San Diego, California, and received my education from a series of parochial schools including the all girls Rosary High School.  After attending both Mesa and City Colleges, I transferred to San Diego State University to continue my art education. During this time I served as Art Director of the alternative newspaper/magazine Sunrise.  I am most proud to have been a member of the committee that started the First Women’s Studies Program in the nation.

In the seventies, our family moved to Leucadia where we raised our four children. During this time in addition to my graphic design business in Encinitas I also designed and constructed numerous conceptually based installations incorporating photography, sculpture, painting, and video. They were presented in gallery exhibitions mainly in Los Angeles and focused on personal and social issues.  I also served as President of the San Diego Women’s Caucus for Art.

In 1997, I began teaching computer graphics for the San Diego Community College District. After my children were on their own.  I re-entered San Diego State University and finished my MFA in sculpture.  Today, I live in Solana Beach, California and continue to create my own artwork while teaching Art and Computer Graphics for Miracosta, Grossmont and Southwestern colleges.

My art endeavors have always been considered “on the edge”, with my foundation and training is in traditional figurative sculpture.  I specialize in expressing my feminist foundation through multimedia tableau-style installations. This work has a strong performitive flavor with a focus on process.  I continue to explore a practice using whatever media best communicates the narratives running through my mind and I am always interested in new materials and methods to express my ideas.  I create art to give voice to the soul within me and I exhibit art to shatter my invisibility and to be heard.

- Grace Gray-Adams

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